Outer Beauty vs Inner Beauty

I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings: Don’t judge a book by its cover, beauty is only skin deep, real beauty comes from within, inner beauty is what matters, etc, etc. I have used many such sayings in Social Media in the hopes of encouraging anyone that sees it to feel great about themselves on the inside, even if only for the small moment it takes to read the saying.

The beauty industry can seem judgemental and shallow by promoting outer beauty and putting high importance on how you choose to present yourself. I don’t subscribe to this generalization.

I recently overheard an individual speaking of how she hoped to inspire others to understand that inner beauty is what’s most important and not to focus on appearance and outer beauty. While I agree whole heartedly that inner beauty makes us ‘who’ we are, why does this automatically give outer beauty a bad rap?? And why, oh WHY must the two be separated?

Outer beauty tinner beautyo me is simple – it’s the gift wrap on a present. How often do you give someone an unwrapped present? How excited would YOU be to receive a present that wasn’t wrapped? We all know it’s not the wrapping or the gift itself that counts – it’s the thought or feelings behind the present, or what I think of as the ‘inner beauty’ that tugs on your heart strings. Considering all that, I’m not above saying that unwrapping a gift bit by bit, the bow, the soft ribbon then the shiny paper, just makes it that much more exciting. Doesn’t it just add a little ‘something’ to the experience to have that present so beautifully wrapped? Of course!

Now settle down – I’m not saying that we should all walk around wrapped in a bow like a gift to the world just waiting to be unwrapped. But really – if you saw someone walking down the street like that wouldn’t you admire their self-confidence?? Their ability to show on the outside how great they feel about themselves on the inside? And that begs the question – what is so wrong with investing in and promoting outer beauty??

So when should outer beauty be celebrated??? This has always been quite simple to me. There is nothing wrong with outer beauty unless it is the only thing you are putting out there. Imagine unwrapping the most beautiful present only to find an empty box?

I have learned over and over that when people love how they look it makes them feel good. Being a part of making that happen is one of the reasons I love my job. Do my clients possess inner beauty before they walk into the Studio for their services? Of course! Inner beauty is not diminished by outer beauty, only enhanced by it.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who FEELS good about herself. That feeling doesn’t come from inner OR outer beauty – it comes from giving yourself the gift of both!!!

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