Hair Styling Tools for Curls!

Hair Styling Tools for Curls

The latest thing in the world of hair styling tools comes by many names – Curl Secret and Miracurl just to name a few. Basically the concept is a curling iron that does all the work for you, giving you a head full of beautiful curls without you having to know the technique behind curling, not to mention saving you from burning yourself.

Overall I think the concept behind these hair styling tools is great. Anything that will make doing your own hair easier is a wonderful thing. I know people that have used these irons with success and are quite happy with them but you won’t be finding them for sale at the Studio.

Please understand that this of course is just my opinion. As I said, I know people who are very happy with these hair styling tools and I also know fellow hairstylists that use them on clients and love them. I’ve had a lot of clients asking me my thoughts about these irons so here it goes.

Generally when you are curling your own hair you don’t spend a lot of time sectioning your hair cleanly. Most of us are a little haphazard when grabbing pieces of our own hair before we try to curl them. This is no big deal when using a curling wand (what I prefer to recommend) since you are in control of wrapping the hair and there is nothing clamping or holding it but you, just incase there are a few stray pieces that could snag. An automatic curling iron may be a little more territorial about who’s in control of your hair.

As a stylist when I curl your hair the ends of your hair spend the least amount of time on the iron since they are the most fragile part of your hair and the most susceptible to heat damage. The curling wand works great for you to mimic this technique when curling your hair at home to protect your ends. The automatic curlers treat the whole section of your hair the same heating the ends equally as it would the stronger, more resistant roots and mid lengths. Heat protectant sprays are of course helpful but even they have their limits.

I encourage you to do your own research on hair styling tools for creating curls and find what will work best for you and your hair. There’s a lot of ways out there to curl your hair – be sure the check all your options and of course keep in mind what will be the most ‘hair friendly’!

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