A Happy Hair Ending for Sue

‘Here goes nothin! Bye bye ‘skunk head’!

No matter how great the skill of the Stylist, how big the city or small the town, none of it matters unless a connection between the Stylist and client has been made!

There is this fantasy or illusion around makeover shows on TV that make you think ‘If only there was a Stylist like that who lived closer to me!’ or ‘If only I had that opportunity!’. You start believing that magically, you would have the best hair of your life!

Sue had been a Facebook friend for a long time and it was no secret that she had been chosen for a makeover on the Marilyn Denis show!  It was clear that although a tad nervous, Sue was really excited about getting her makeover and I was excited to watch! Before she had left for the show she took one last selfie of her high contrast blonde and I could tell that she was a bit uneasy about what was to come.

To make the reveal as exciting as possible Sue didn’t see herself before going on stage.  The reveal was short and sweet but it was really easy to see the shock on Sue’s face.  A short while after the reveal on the show Sue popped up another selfie to share with her friends.

‘The back’s cooler for summer…….Just not used to being a ‘non-blonde’!!

I thought Sue looked fabulous! The colour was very complimentary even if it was a really big change from her blonde.  Her blue eyes really popped with the colour and the cut was very flattering.

The thing is though, any Stylist can look at you and make a plan for what would look fabulous but the most important thing is that you FEEL fabulous.  The very next day it was clear that although Sue’s makeover looked fabulous on the outside it failed to bring out those ever important feelings on the inside.

“Thank you, everyone, for your kind messages, texts, and phone calls. The entire process was a very exciting and fun experience. Seeing yourself on tv was a very scrutinizing task and the shocking colour/cut result has taken me aback. I have been a blonde all my life and the drastic change has yet to settle with me. I’m still shocked with the result and self-conscious of my new look…..regardless, Murray still loves me!’

As Hairstylists it is so important to acknowledge that the work we do can dramatically impact how a person feels about themselves.  The old saying ‘When you look good you feel good!’ really is true but it’s how the person looks to their own eyes that determines if they feel good.  When those two things are disconnected it can really impact self-confidence negatively.

Normally I’d keep my Hairstylist opinions to myself but after seeing Sue’s comment to a friend on this picture I knew there was something we could do for Sue to reconnect the ‘look good feel good’ saying.

She said ‘It’s way too dark for me….I want my blonde back! I’m more comfortable in it!’

So I messaged her and offered her our help!

We didn’t take a before picture.  We knew how Sue was feeling and it felt insensitive, so as with the rest of the story we’ll let Sue’s pictures stand for themselves.

We started with a colour remover to take out as much of the dark as was safely possible.  Even before we put the foils in she was so much happier! As that dark colour went down the drain we could see relief starting to settle in.  We put in as many foils as possible to bring back some blonde for her!

Here’s a selfie she snapped mid process! 

And no……we didn’t take an after pic either. What mattered to us was that we had given Sue what she felt good with.  The feeling of being herself.  It didn’t take long until she posted her first selfie before she even got to the parking lot at the Studio!

And the very next day it was clear that Sue was back to feeling her vibrant self!


‘Hair today, gone tomorrow! So much better, so happy with these results!’

So why share this story? We wanted to show how vital it is to have a real connection with your Stylist after your consultation.  A feeling that they really understand you and took the time to ask so many questions that you hadn’t even thought would matter!


Questions like that are an essential part of a consultation so that not only will your new hair look great to everyone around you, but when you look in the mirror you FEEL great too.

Big city or small town, it doesn’t matter.

The right Hairstylist is the one you connect with.  The one who wants to make sure you feel beautiful too.

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